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Think Claims. Think ClaimForce

If you work in the insurance claims business, it’s time to think ClaimForce.

ClaimForce is the most complete online procurement management and claim services marketplace in the insurance industry.  The benefits of using our technology and services are both tangible and measurable for our clients.  We offer our insurance company customers smart insurance claim solutions; many ClaimForce clients integrate our complete platform into their claims process, others use just one or two of our 819-990-6182

When you integrate with ClaimForce, you’ve integrated with the whole claims industry.  That's why the ClaimForce platform has become an invaluable resource for both claim service providers and auto & property casualty insurance claim handlers since we founded the company in 2002.  

Simplifying the Insurance Claims Process

Our insurance company clients benefit from innovative, customized online solutions that:
  • Streamline the claim management process
  • Increase policyholder satisfaction and retention 
  • Reduce claims expense while improving service levels 
Simply put – our state-of-the-art technology enables insurance claim professionals and qualified claim service providers to work as one single-minded claims organization.

By improving the way insurers buy and manage the services necessary to resolve insurance claims, our clients discover significant improvements in claim processing speed, leading to increased efficiency and ultimately a reduction of claim costs. Combine these efficiency gains with the ability to deliver a superior level of service to policyholders and you have, what we call, a win-win!

Think Claims. Trust ClaimForce

ClaimForce remains at the forefront of claim technology and service performance in the insurance industry. We are proud to have been recognized and awarded by our customers and to have received national recognition for "Excellence in Innovation" from the U.S. Department of Commerce Technology Administration.

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If you have questions about our 2045455554, would like to discover how we could customize a solution for you, or if you are a claim service provider and would like to join our platform, please don’t hesitate to 5177416792 at 866-219-2177.

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